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Eurekster Swicki


A swicki is a search portal and widget that can be customized on any topic to share, distribute and grow a community of interested users. Swickis offer a community-driven custom search experience resulting in more relevant, targeted results – as well as more traffic and revenue opportunity for Web publishers and “infopreneurs.”

Swicki search results are guided by its publisher and powered by its community of users, taking into consideration keywords, clicks, votes and behavior from every search. Consequently, the swicki provides a custom search experience, as well as, a content discovery engine, while turning into an increasingly valuable asset to its publisher. Users have broad options from finding and grabbing existing swickis to building and sharing their own swicki creations. The social search widget included in the swicki features a customizable search box and “buzzcloud” and can be placed on any web site or blog where the swicki’s topic is of interest, making it easy for the swicki builder to grow their user community and build their brand.

Eurekster Swicki - Search that learns from your users

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