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Fytch enables you to write and read comments at any web site. Immediately while browsing, without leaving the page you are on. Using Fytch, people all around the world easily share their thoughts, opinions, ideas and reviews. Directly available at the website where they refer to.

Fytch - Write and read comments at any web site

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NeedMyPassword is a online password storage and recovery system. No More Lost Passwords! We are the internet’s best online password storage and recovery system. Remember, it’s always simple, safe and secure to store and recover your passwords online.

  • Made for you! NeedMyPassword was made for the people. All of the costs are deferred by the owners and operators of the site. Enjoy the system!
  • Completely Secure and Encrypted Database: We are certified by HackerSafe, as well as other organizations. We use 256-bit, one-way encryption to make sure that breeches don’t occur.
  • Unlimited: In just about a minute’s time, you can have an account of your own with unlimited, online password storage for a small fee of $4.95.

NeedMyPassword - Online Password Storage and Recovery

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Now you can create screencasts for your followers as easily as you tweet. Just click the record button and you’ll have your ready-to-tweet screencast in seconds:

  • Web-based recorder-nothing to download.
  • Record on your Mac or PC.
  • Plays everywhere on the web, even iPhones.
  • Start now – It’s completely FREE.

Screenr - Instant screencasts for Twitter

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Highlight Cam

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Want to see what happens in your house when you’re away?

We reduce hours of video into only the most interesting seconds.

HighlightCam - Make your video shorter, automatically

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Receive Usability Feedback from Real People Within 2 Business Days:

  • Quick & inexpensive, usability with minimal cost.
  • Learn what people might find useful or confusing.
  • Obtain a compiled report detailing key issues for making immediate improvements to your website user experience.

MyTestGroup - Usability Feedback from Real People

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Checked Profile

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Simply enter your details below and upload the profile picture of yourself that you would like us to verify. Just a couple of steps and you will be on your way to using your new verified photograph on all of your social networking websites. - Revolutionizing the way online and real world identities work together

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Bring new life to your old videos with services from Pixorial. We convert video, then help you to organize, label, edit, and then share your favorite video moments with family and friends.

Pixorial - Convert, Preserve, Organize, Produce, and Share Home Movies and Videos

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