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PrestaShop is a robust, professional-grade e-Commerce solution that you can download, install, and use for free!

Unlike other e-Commerce solutions currently on the market, you can download and install our Open-Source software free of charge, without license or registration.

On the back end, you’ll use a full-featured back-office application to manage your online business (including inventory, orders, shipping, and customers) in real-time.

On the Web, you provide your customers with a fun, personalized online store, to which you can add a variety of functions (“modules”) such as:

  • Special deals (such as price reductions and gift coupons)
  • Payment with Paypal
  • New products
  • Top sellers
  • Text-message alerts for new orders and inventory levels

Your customer’s payments are sent directly to your commerical bank account using the latest security technology.

A friendly, dynamic team working with an enthsiastic user community to produce ever-improving, customer-oriented technology at a low cost—this is what makes PrestaShop a unique provider of e-Commerce software.

We value your feedback and hope to see you on our blog and in our community forum so that we can help you make the most of your online business.

PrestaShop - Free web 2.0 Open Source shopping cart

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