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Browse color palettes, or create your own. Adjust, mix and blend to your hearts content.

ColoRotate gives you the freedom to let your imagination fly.

  • Intuitive: In 3D, you can quickly see the multidimensional nature of your colors and the relationships between colors in a way that matches how your eye and brain perceive color.
  • Agile: Change your colors one at a time, blend two colors together, or transform a full palette of colors all at once with contrast and color joysticks — adjustments that previously have been beyond your reach.
  • Reliable: Take the guesswork out of setting up color harmonies or color contrasts by adjusting the distances between colors in 3D.
  • Efficient: Use ColoRotate’s quick drag-and-drop to adjust hue, brightness, and saturation. Import and export in Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE). Soon, you’ll be able to save even more time with our Photoshop Plugin.
  • Piggyback: Browse themes created by the community, or search by tag, title, or creator to discover new color ideas.
  • Community: Post your palettes, and tag palettes to engage with the ColoRotate community, or discussions. In the future, look for features like comments and ratings.

ColoRotate - Colors come to life in 3D

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