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Do you really know how your users are connecting with your website?

vistrac lets you see how users interact with your website.

  • See your visitors clicking habits. vistrac creates heatmaps of where your users are clicking on each tracked page. Now it’s easier than ever to find out if anyone is actually clicking that “Buy Now” button, or if they’re really all flocking to the “Help!” link.
  • Forms can be complicated beasts, with many ways to lose visitors in the process. vistrac allows you to see where users are taking too long on a particular field, where they might be getting lost, and even which referring websites provide the most engaged visitors.
  • These days, keeping someone’s attention is more difficult than ever. Countless distractions are constantly vying for a visitor’s attention. vistrac can tell you exactly what sections of your pages visitors actually “linger” on, or stop at for a period of time, allowing you to understand what information visitors find truly valuable.

vistrac - Metrics you can see

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