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Sortuv (sort of) helps you search for restaurants, nightlife, hotels, shopping and other things that are hard to describe where keywords do not work.

Sortuv - Discover more restaurants, nighlife, hotels, shopping

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Search our events for what’s going on where, search our hotspots for party venues, create invites to parties and create wish lists for gifts you would - Helps you organise your social life.

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Unthirsty is the work of a group of like-minded souls who were always struggling (for obvious reasons) to remember where and when they last enjoyed that good happy hour. A plan of action was drawn up on beer sodden napkins over bargain pints and some mighty fine nachos. Thus, Unthirsty was launched and dedicated to the good of all mankind’s legally drinking denizens.

Unthirsty - Find Your Happy Hour

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Event Wax

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The Easier, Smarter Way To Organize Special Events, From Conferences And Workshops To Parties, Gigs, And Receptions.

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Meeting the right people at conferences can be tough.

Our web-based community tools make it easier for your attendees to make the connections that matter.

EventVue - The online community for your event

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My Smart Campus

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Post Dining special (deal, coupon, promo), nightlife event or any social activity and it will help you broadcast it across campus.

Got something to share? Give a shout and let everyone know.

MySmartCampus - Find things to do, save money, and meet new friends!

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