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Search our events for what’s going on where, search our hotspots for party venues, create invites to parties and create wish lists for gifts you would - Helps you organise your social life.

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Unthirsty is the work of a group of like-minded souls who were always struggling (for obvious reasons) to remember where and when they last enjoyed that good happy hour. A plan of action was drawn up on beer sodden napkins over bargain pints and some mighty fine nachos. Thus, Unthirsty was launched and dedicated to the good of all mankind’s legally drinking denizens.

Unthirsty - Find Your Happy Hour

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Give Real

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Give Real lets you send Real Drinks to your friends, online and through Facebook. These aren’t virtual drinks, these are Real Drinks that your friends can redeem at any Bar or Restaurant in the United States.

When you give your friend a Real Drink, you’re encouraging them to take some time offline and go out!

Giving a drink:

  • Choose a friend. Give a drink credit of $1 to $99, good towards a purchase at any Bar or Restaurant!
  • Style your gift by making a drink suggestion and adding a personal message.
  • Pay with a credit card to place your order. Your friend will immediately receive a gift notification via email, with instructions on how to redeem their Real Drink!

Receiving a drink:

  • Your friend buys you a Real Drink! Now accept your gift and register your credit or debit card to receive the drink credit.
  • Use your registered card to make a purchase at any bar, restaurant, club, or café in the US!
  • Your drink credit is automatically applied when the transaction posts to your card account!

Give Real - Give real drinks redeemable at any bar or restaurant

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Meet Me

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Set points A and B.
Select a location from a list of options between points A and B. 
Send an email with directions and get on your way!

MeetMe - The Easy Way to Select a Meeting Point Between Two Locations

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HopStop is your city transit guide. We provide door-to-door subway and bus directions and maps for New York City, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and more. You can also search for places to eat, drink, sleep and see in the City Guide.

With HopStop you can:
– Send directions by e-mail or text message to a cell phone directly from the website
– Plan a trip with multiple destinations using the Itinerary.
– Get directions or the locations of nearby subway and bus stops remotely on your cell phone or PDA with the HopStop Mobile service.

HopStop - Subway Directions and Bus Directions for New York City and more

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Report bad drivers, lousy parkers, litterers and tailgaters. Or, complement cool rides, clever vanity plates, and more. Post or search by license plate, with maps, tags, and photos. Track by location, user, or individual plate. Even post reports via Twitter! - Don't get mad on the road, get even online.

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World Taximeter

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Hmm… I only have 10$, will it be enough to the airport? With World Taximeter you don’t have to guess, you’ll know it. Also on your mobile.

World Taximeter gives you an estimate of the cost of a taxi ride in cities worldwide. Currently we support Barcelona, London, Madrid, New York, Prague, Rome and San Francisco.

And hey, notice that little word!! e-s-t-i-m-a-t-e: we only provide an estimate of the taxi fare, although our accuracy is 85% and growing 🙂

World Taximeter - International Taxi Fare Calculator

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