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Talenthouse is the world’s first all creative community. Beginning with film, fashion, art, music and photography Talenthouse empowers all artists to create original content, collaborate with each other and become recognised by a global audience. Our mission is to liberate all artists.

Talenthouse - All Creative - Film, Fashion, Art, Music and Photography



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Are you a fan of TV Shows? Do you sometimes feel lost because you don’t know which was the last episode you’ve seen for a given TV Show? How about if you’re following 10 shows at once?

MyTVShows is here to help you organize your episodes and keep track of what you’ve seen and what you have left to see. Also, we keep you updated about new episodes for the TV Shows you’re following, so that you won’t miss them.

MyTVShows - The best way to manage your TV Shows

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Wreck A Movie

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Wreck A Movie is an online collaborative film community that is specialized in blending the Internet and the film industry together by unleashing the creative potential of Internet communities, and changing the whole chain of filmmaking.

Wreck A Movie makes it possible to collaboratively produce professional quality A/V content of all types: from short films to feature films and to all distribution screens – from Internet and mobile to film theater.

Wreck A Movie - Online collaborative film community

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Type the name of a movie you like.

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We’ll suggest other movies you might enjoy.

Nanocrowd - The Movie Search Engine

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Filmaster is a new social network for movie fans featuring personalized content and recomendations. And all that free as in beer and as in speech. Filmaster allows you to run your own movie blog in a great domain like, rate movies and talk about movies with people whose opinions you care about. Personalized recommendations are a bonus.

We give you a “rating machine” so that you can quickly rate a lot of movies. This is a required first step. Based on your ratings we can suggest you new movies to watch and those you should better avoid. We are also able to suggest you new movie buddies (people with a similar taste to yours) to discuss your favorite movies with. As all the ratings are public, you instantly know who you are talking to.

Filmaster - A new social network for movie fans

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The AllyBox

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The AllyBox is your source for getting latest information on your favourite movies, tv shows and celebrities. You’ll find movie reviews, latest gossips, trailers, photos and much more information on new and upcoming movies, running tv shows and your favourite celebrities.

The AllyBox - Your source for getting latest information on your favourite movies, tv shows and celebrities

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MakingOf is a behind-the-scenes Web portal, founded by Natalie Portman and Christine Aylward, that provides an intimate, fresh look into the process of creating entertainment by the insiders themselves. Our mission is to champion the art and craft of entertainment creation. We started MakingOf because we realized that so much of what goes into entertainment creation is unavailable to the people who love and consume it the most. We wanted to give fans a way to experience that creation and learn from the insiders and thus MakingOf was born. When you visit MakingOf you will experience behind-the-scenes content, exclusive access to industry insiders, and an interactive, entertainment-focused community forum. It is your all-access pass to learn from and interact with actors, directors, producers, writers, and more. Film school for everyone! And film is just the start. Stay posted as we add additional features.

MakingOf - Front Row. Behind the Scenes.

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