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Shoutlet is a marketing tool that allows users to easily create, distribute, and track Web 2.0 formats. Create RSS feeds and audio/video podcast feeds. Launch and track text messaging campaigns. Manage and track email marketing campaigns – including social bookmarking. Distribute RSS feeds through RSS widgets. Upload video and syndicate to free video-sharing sites through Shoutlet. Distribute video through media player widgets that are easily emailed to friends, embedded to social networks and blogs, and more.

Shoutlet - Create your online social media campaigns

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BlogTalkRadio is a provider of thousands of internet talk radio shows. Our streaming and archived shows are produced by anyone that wants to be an internet radio host.

BlogTalkRadio - Internet Talk Radio

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CastRoller makes it easy to find and enjoy the best podcasts on the web. With podcast recommendations and social features, CastRoller delivers personalized entertainment right to you.
CastRoller is an online podcast subscription tool. Users can add their favorite podcasts and will receive personalized recommendations for podcasts they might enjoy. They can add their friends and see the podcasts that their friends are listening to and share episodes with them. With CastRoller, you can manage your podcast subscriptions in once place and use the RSS feeds to have the episodes delivered to all of your devices automatically.

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Publish audio via customizable flash player, podcast feeds and external links.


  • Embed on any blog
  • Podcast feeds built-in
  • Custom color generator
  • Single-Play option for Blog posts
  • Link to external MP3’s
  • Add e-commerce and video links
  • Track your listnership

Blogamp - Audiocasting for the masses

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    PimpMyNews scours the web 24/7 for text news and blogs that you like and instantly converts them to MP3s that you listen to on your iPhone, iPod, or computer, anytime, anywhere.

    • Choose from hundreds of popular text news and blog publishers to create your favorites list.
    • Listen to thousands of new stories every day on your computer.
    • Create a daily personalized news podcast on your iPhone or iPod.
    • Share stories with friends or post them to Digg,, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and more.

    Get current, save time and listen online, or on-the-go, with PimpMyNews.

    PimpMyNews - The Talking Social News Site

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    Chirbit is a free online tool for audio sharing. Chirbit enables users to record, upload, listen to and share sound bites easily. Chirbit is simple, useful and fun. You can now use iPhone Voice Memos to post to chirbit.

    chirbit - Micropodcasts. Audio nuggets.

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    Dixero is a free and innovative Web-based tool which allows you to listen to your favoriteRSS feeds directly online, on your computer as a Podcast, or using a portable device, like an iPod!

    At last, with Dixero, you can aggregate your favorite feeds from the most recognized media companies and blogs, transforming posts into audio with different voices.

    Dixero - Listen to your interest

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