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September 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Auctionopia is a negotiating website! We’re not your typical auction site. We’ve taken the technology you use every day and combined it to make your experience more unique than what you’re used to. How does this sound? Instead of waiting 7 days for an auction to end, how about talking directly to the seller over instant messenger and sealing the deal in five minutes.

Auctionopia - Your perfect auction experience

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Simple Cart Js

September 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Over the past few years, our company has had several clients who have needed a smaller shopping cart, usually to sell just a couple of items. We generally built these small carts using paypal. I realized it would be nice to package this up, and create a lightweight, easy-to-use, flexible shopping cart.

So we made simpleCart(js). The cart is a 10.5kb javascript file that uses cookies to keep track of the items in the cart. SimpleCart(js) doesn’t require any databases or programming knowledge. You simply need to know some basic HTML and have the ability to copy and paste. However, it can easily be expanded to use databases or contain more advanced options.

simpleCart(js) - E-commerce in minutes

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Sharify allows you to easily monitize your Adobe® AIR™ application by turning it into a shareware application. Choose how much you want to charge for your application and integrate the Sharify library then just watch the cash roll in!

Sharify - Easily create Shareware applications with Adobe AIR -

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Beat Pick

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BeatPick is a music licensing agent and sells music for film, tv, advertising and any other use.
Music is released under a creative commons license and therefore non commercial use of music is free of charge.

Over 200 artists/bands based in 40 different countries.

All music is pre-cleared and carefully selected.

BeatPick has been built to be the quickest, easiest and efficient way to search and license music for all multimedia productions.

BeatPick also offer free music supervision and sound consultancies.

Hundreds of companies and individuals have licensed music at A short list of some international companies that have used our music include 20th Century Fox, Mercedes Benz, Ralph Lauren, Scott Winter Sports, The Travel Channel, Original Marines, Toyota, Dodge, Chevrolet, ServicePlan, /, Fedora, K-SWISS.

BeatPick - Our Music For Your Ideas

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Cafe Press

September 8, 2009 Leave a comment

CafePress is for people who love sharing their passions with others. You’ll find individual designers with shops of all sizes, as well as corporate stores like Snoopy, E! Online, Stand Up To Cancer and more. With no upfront costs or inventory risk (we also take care of those thorny details of doing business online, so you can concentrate on sharing what’s important to you), CafePress designers use their shops to connect with a world of members and other online shoppers. All while taking advantage of the latest developments in on-demand printing.

CafePress - Custom & funny t-shirts plus unique gifts

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Afford It

September 7, 2009 Leave a comment

  • The Solution
  • Low or Zero down payment depending on the program you choose
  • No interest
  • All payments go directly to the balance of the product
  • The product ships that day
  • Pay off the product in only 24 weeks
  • Order from the comfort of your own home
  • Buy the hottest name brand products
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    September 6, 2009 Leave a comment

    Track the clicks, leads and sales from all your online advertising in one place. w3roi lets you dig deep into each campaign to eliminate the ads, keywords, landing pages and more that are costing you money without bringing in sales.

    w3roi - Conversion Tracking for Affiliate Marketers and Ecommerce Sites

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